New interface features


Featuring a completely rewritten database backend, Colibri's blazingly-fast interface helps you even better speeding up your daily work.

Eye candy

Colibri's rewritten user interface internals not only support multiple monitors, but also features a theme engine allowing power users to create their own themes. For sure, the Colibri team will publish your themes with upcoming releases if desired.


Help to improve Colibri by joining the new Colibri community, this is where you can ask for new features, report bugs or just hang around helping others.

Watch out

Look out for a bunch of new features in the upcoming Colibri versions that were made possible by our latest changes as well.

Customized hot key

Colibri Settings

You access the Colibri settings simply by selecting the bricks shown on the left-hand side. E.g., try:
  <CTRL-SPACE> Colibri <TAB> Settings <TAB>

Customized hot key

Getting bored of using Ctrl-Space to open Colibri? Now you can customize the Colibri hot key to any key combination of your preference.

More settings

Disable the splash screen, configure Colibri to automatically start up whenever you log on — our brand-new settings panel allows you to further optimize your Colibri experience.

Launching a control panel applet

Taking control

Want to set up new hardware, or get rid of some annoying program? Get the latest Colibri version to launch any control panel applet of your choice from within the familiar interface.

Selecting portable mode

Colibri to go

Colibri's new portable mode allows you to use Colibri wherever you take your USB stick with you while making sure that your personal data is securely stored on the stick only.

Volume control

Volume control

As a small preview of the upcoming Colibri media management features, Colibri now allows you to control your audio playback through its brand-new volume control features.

Copy&paste links

Copy&paste links

Now you can open hyperlinks and file system paths by copy&pasting them into Colibri.
Integrated search

Integrated search

Search the web using the cutting-edge Google search engine, use the awarded LEO text translation services — all from within Colibri!
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